Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Catch It All Up

I am desperately debating the real need to blog at this point. I think it's a conversation happening in a lot of places. I believe in using it as a way of publicly tabling ideas, but question the validity of the medium any more.

A little iPhone dump...

On the way home from church - sillies.

At my mom's house, after school one afternoon.  Dyeing eggs and making her famous egg tree.

Both J. and C. have become great running partners.  They can both push me to clock less than 8 minute miles and recently came with me on a 9 mile run. 
Who knew a 5 and 7 year old could bike so far!
Easter.  Easter shirts that I proudly made myself.
The girls loved them. I was pleased at my better-than-Pinterest craftiness.

A. sporting her first header of the season.
A. 0, concrete 1 in 2013.

More Easter.
I have never, not once, asked them to pose like this.
Damn you Jade the Disco Fairy - or praise - because I get silly pics like this.

J. and C. after the Spring Social "lip sync" performance for preschool (seriously, who does that?)

And. A. eats concrete again.
Stitches this time.
Second kid with stitches this year.
Total of stitches for A: 6
Between J and A: 10
A.: 0, concrete 2013: 2

C. and I headed to church - just the two of us.
She wants to be an only child.
Best story with C.:
We walk into church.  I have a quick chat with our minister's wife and C. says she'll go make name tags (this has in many different instances caused a) alarm b) huge issues with the marker and c) at least 3 knock down, drag her out tantrums.)  She comes back in 2 minutes.
She has her name, first and last on her name tag.
She hands me a name tag.
C: "I made it for you. For you Mom."
Name Tag:
"last name
C: "Its for you Mom."
I saved it.


  1. I totally know where you are coming from with blogging Nora, I've been struggling with the same feelings. But I, for one, would miss your voice and thoughtful updates and pics of your beautiful girls.

    P.S. Where did you get those green dresses? I'm on the search for a flower girl dress and those are perfect!

  2. blogging IS a struggle lately. I love it and hate it at the same time. My blog has always had one goal and that was to document, it was never really meant for anyone else but now sometimes I want to walk away, but feel tied to it knowing how much my kids love being able to read it.

    Blogs are passe now, which means I should be settled in for a while...I'm usually passe too :)

  3. Love all the smiles and sillies!

  4. I agree about blogging. I last blogged about Christmas...in February. It does seem forced to me, too. My only "out" is my sister makes a scrapbook for each year so important stuff like first t-ball games and Kindergarten graduation are at least captured.
    I agree with Jenika - the green dresses - and especially the sweet girls wearing them - are adorable!


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